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Life Coaching

Greetings! Z. Z. Le Mans here. I’m guessin’ you wanna be happier, healthier, more successful, and in a kick ass relationship? Am I right? Of course you do. Who doesn’t??? But in order to be happier, healthier, more successful, and in a kick ass relationship you must first become the best version of yourself.


This is non-negotiable because only the best version of yourself is going to be able to meet, handle, conquer, and successfully overcome all of the challenges, obstacles, curve balls, confusion, static, and tempting addictions Life is gonna throw your way.


Moreover, until you become the best version of yourself your life is gonna SUCK in any number of ways and the only person you’ll have to blame is yourself because becoming the best version of yourself was a CHOICE you had from DAY 1 and a CHOICE you will always have because it’s never too late to become the BEST version of yourself ! ! !






True North Guidance Counseling


Many adults today are unhappy, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and discontent with their lives and careers. Many feel they are living just to pay bills, while others have the “Perfect Life” on paper but are inexplicably discontent, troubled, anxious, and uneasy.


What the Hell is going on here??? What the Hell is going on here is that NONE of these people are living their True North ! ! !


True North is a relatively new phrase in the Mind-Body-Spirit community and it’s a damn good phrase!


True North is a reference to the life you were born to live. The life you agreed to live pre-birth. The life, mission, and purpose which is imprinted upon your Soul and DNA, the life that is your True Calling, and the life that will make you the happiest, most content, most fulfilled, (and very often) most prosperous ! ! !


As you might expect, any deviation from your True North is going to cause you physical and psychological trouble in the form of anxiety, depression, fear, doubt, confusion, dread, despair, anger, frustration, addictions, regret, self-sabotage, self-harm, and a host of mysterious psychosomatic aches and pains that doctors cannot explain or cure.


But when you find your True North your life dramatically changes for the better. Your life takes on a crystal clarity you haven’t known since early childhood. For the first time in years you feel alive, inspired, energized, invincible, ready to take on the world, kick ass, and begin living the life of your dreams ! ! !


As your Life Coach (and optional Spirit Guide) I am wholly dedicated to helping you find and live your True North  !






Mind Body Spirit Mastery


As you work to become the best version of yourself demons (Inner and Outer) will conspire to thwart your efforts. These demons include: critics, naysayers, suppressors, saboteurs, false friends, fear, doubt, confusion, anger, anxiety, depression, laziness, procrastination, self-loathing, negative habits, muddy motivation, crippling addictions, poor confidence, low self-esteem, panic attacks, divorce, painful breakups, past trauma, self-sabotage, and more ! ! !


These demons mean business and the ONLY way to defeat these demons is through Mind Body Spirit Mastery!!! Anything short of that and the demons are gonna win HALF the battles in your life and sabotage your life, dreams, goals, health, and happiness ! ! !


As your Life Coach (and optional Spirit Guide) I bring to each and every session all that I have learned and mastered from my 40-year journey into Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy, Zen, Yoga, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Near Death Case Studies, Martial Arts, Meditation, Existentialism, Transcendentalism, Traditional Psychology, The Subconscious Mind, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy, Quantum Mechanics, Reincarnation, Karma, Dharma, the Astral Plane, The Afterlife, Soul Contracts, and more ! ! !






  Imagine if a certain cave man didn’t think outside the box; there’d be no wheel!


  Imagine if Thomas Edison didn’t think outside the box; there’d be no light bulb!


  Imagine if Alexander Graham Bell didn’t think outside the box; there’d be no telephone!


  Imagine if the Wright Brothers didn’t think outside the box; there’d be no airplane!


  Imagine if Nikola Tesla didn’t think outside the box; there’d be no wireless technology! 


  Imagine if Steve Jobs didn’t think outside the box; there’d be no personal computer!




Think Outside the Box!


But College and K-12 taught you the exact opposite. College and K-12 only taught you how to think inside the box.


For this reason, many people are not able to find answers and solutions to their personal, business, and financial troubles because they are not Jedi Masters at thinking outside the box. That’s where I come in. As a Life Coach, Spirit Guide, and Polymath I have an amazing talent for Thinking and Seeing Outside the Box and for decades have helped my Clients find solutions to their personal, business, and financial troubles they most likely would not have been able to find without me.









The KEY to Happiness, Health, Success, and Relationships is to think like a Winner.


But sadly, very few people think like a Winner.


NOT their fault! College and K-12 never taught you how to think like a Winner. On the contrary, College and K-12 taught you how to think like a poor worker bee serving a Life Sentence in the prison of indentured servitude ! ! !



Winners and Losers think VERY differently. Winners go through life with an easy CAN DO attitude, whereas Losers go through life with a heavy doubt-filled NO CAN DO attitude.


But these attitudes are not chiseled in stone and YOU can begin to Think and Act like a Winner. Here is where a good Coach or Mentor is invaluable because a good Coach or Mentor can shave years off the learning curve to THINK LIKE A WINNER because there are 25 dynamics to master before you THINK LIKE A WINNER and over 100 books have been written on this very subject which gives you an idea of the complexity and magnitude involved in transforming yourself to Think Like a Winner and my personal Coaching can shave years off the learning curve ! ! !













. . . is IN ! ! !






Okay so, you recently started dating someone new. Things were going great for a while. But now things have gone sideways and you want some pro advice, tips, tricks, and strategies to get things back on trackand even better than before ! ! !


You’ve come to the right place.


Or maybe there’s that special someone at work or school that you’ve had a crush on for quite a while now and you just don’t know how to go about getting something going with that person?


Or maybe you need some pro tips, tricks, strategies, and advice on how to get your Ex back before you lose your Ex to someone else forever ! ! !


Or maybe you’ve been coldly, painfully, and brutally “Friend Zoned” by your longtime crush and need some pro tips, tricks, strategies, and advice on how to turn your longtime “friend” into your sex starved love slave ! ! !


Or maybe your Text Game sucks big time and is causing you to lose many potential dates and partners and desperately need some pro tips, tricks, strategies, and advice on how to play Winning Text Game ! ! !


Whatever your issue, don’t worry . . .


The Love Doctor can Help ! ! !








Turbo Boost your Flirting & Dating Game ! ! !



FACT #1   Dating Apps are the absolute worst way to get a date or find a Life Partner ! ! !


FACT #2  25 years of Texting has completely eroded basic FACE-to-FACE social skills and has made most Men and Women completely inept at FACE-to-FACE flirting and banter ! ! !


FACT #3  The best and most attractive Singles are NOT on Dating Apps because the best and most attractive Singles get hit on a dozen times a day and don’t need Dating Apps ! ! !


Okay. Wow. Dude. Man. You are so right! So, where do I find all these best and most attractive Singles??? That’s easy-peasy. They’re all around you: at work, at school, the gym, the grocery store, the bank, the post office, walking their dog, asking for directions, getting a Slurpee at 7-Eleven, in line at the DMV, in line at traffic court, on the elevator with you, your neighbor’s cute friend, the list goes on and on and on . . .


Meditate on A and B for a while . . .


Mom, Dad, how did you guys meet?


A)  We met on Tinder.


B)  I was walking to traffic court and noticed the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen ravaging her purse frantically for quarters for the parking meter. She clearly didn’t have enough quarters and so I just walked up with a smile and put some quarters in her meter. Your mom looked at me as if I was James Bond Super Stud and we’ve been together ever since.




Any idiot can do (A) and most idiots do.


Conversely, it takes solid All-Star FACE-to-FACE flirting and banter skills to successfully pull off a Type B Situation and life is full of Type B Situations if you just get off your phone, be aware of your surroundings, and apply some basic flirting and banter skills I can teach you quickly and easily! ! !







Goodbye Chronic Pain ! ! !



Most chronic pain is psychosomatic and caused by stress, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, and frustration. And there is a very good reason for this: The Mind and Body are intimately connected ! ! !


Common Psychosomatic conditions include: chronic fatigue syndrome, tinnitus, headaches, lower back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, asthma, allergies, bursitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, shin splints, hemorrhoids, vertigo, ulcers, G.E.R.D., P.T.S.D., OCD, ADD, ADHD, frozen shoulder, frequent urination, prostatitis, and a host of other conditions which mystify and confound medical doctors because they have no idea what causes any of these things but ONE Columbia University doctor DOES and I have spent the past 30 years applying his theories and methods to dramatically reduce or cure myself and my clients of the aforementioned conditions and I can do the same for YOU in just one or two phone sessions ! ! !


Haven’t you suffered enough already?






Escape the Matrix


Are you sick of living just to pay bills??? Are you sick of making your rich landlord even richer??? Does your 30-year mortgage feel more like a 30 year prison sentence??? Are you sick of hyperinflation and struggling just to make ends meet??? Are you sick of working your ass off year after year but getting nowhere in life??? Are you sick of corrupt politicians who don’t give a rat’s ass about The People, fill their pockets with bribes from lobbyists and special interest groups, and view The People as an endless supply of tax dollars to do whatever the hell they want with WITHOUT our consent??? Does it feel like THE GAME of LIFE is rigged by THE ELITE for THE ELITE and that We are just their slaves, pawns, and puppets???


Then it’s time to escape The Matrix my friend . . .





Z. Z. Le Mans was born and raised in Silicon Valley where he still resides today with his 22-year-old cat Lady Le Mans. A lifelong zealot of Motivational Books, Self-Improvement, The Law of Success, New Thought Spiritualism, and all facets of Personal Transformation, he loves nothing better than to help those who are struggling in THE GAME of LIFE improve their game and begin living the life of their dreams!!!


His work history includes: Life Coach, Dating Coach, Talk Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Gestalt Therapist, Transpersonal Therapist, and Parapsychologist. He is also an award-winning writer who continues to write (off and on) and for the past four years has been busy writing and editing his life story THE GAME of LIFE: A Book That Changes Lives (which should be available early 2025).



 N e x t   L e v e l   L i f e  C o a c h i n g




© Z. Z. Le Mans